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Roller Banners

Roller Banner FAQs

Why do Roller Banners vary in price so much?

The price is all dependent on the 'Graphic Housing' and its construction. Our entry level Roller Banner is not the cheapest model on the market but it is the cheapest that offers good quality, which can be used over and over again. We use a light stop not standard PVC. This avoids curling on the left and right hand edges and also if there is any light behind the unit you will see the shadow of the pole running down the center of the graphic rendering the unit as good as unusable. Do not get the cheapest models on the market as you will be replacing them very soon. Our Premium models are heavy duty in all respects and are the best in the market.

Can the graphics be changed over in Roller Banners?

Yes they can, but it is not easy and you should let us do it for you.

Can Roller Banners be used externally?

Yes they can, but you will need to purchase the Sierra or Voyager 2 which are constructed to be used outdoors.